Now I'm back, I think...

It surprised me to discover that I haven't written for 2 years. I began the blog when DAPHNE AND THEKLA was published. There has been a very good response as people have read this book and it is the best one I've written. I've been silent since then. No new books and no more blogs. I hope I can get back to communicating again now.

These months of the pandemic have been a period of many realizations. I've learned to value so many things that I barely noticed or appreciated before. In addition, there's been a resurgence of many memories. They fall into new places in the way I consider the events of my life. I am not glad for the pandemic, but I have grown in new ways as a result of this experience.

My professional background has focused on health care and education of health providers. Part of my formal studies included studying the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. In class, we speculated about how and when the next pandemic would occur. The only surprise is how long it took for covid-19 to arrive because air travel makes the spread so much easier. A major concern now is whether, as a people, we are learning from this experience. Looking at statistics and behaviors, it seems that we have learned nothing from 1918 because we are repeating all of the activities that caused the spread of that viral illness and related deaths. As we move through this pandemic and beyond, we are at tremendous risk of more global events like this unless we learn how to behave differently now. This is not meant to frighten people, but a call to be more alert how how we act now. Public health guidelines work. Can we follow them more effectively so that we are better prepared for the future?

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