How did you get here?

While it is difficult to see this photo clearly because it is so small, if you look carefully you may noticed that people are standing on the shoulders of others. This ebony carving from east Africa displays a well known concept held by many Africans: No one gets to the place they are in life without standing on the shoulders of others. Tt almost seems contrary to the way may people pursue life in the United States. We admire rugged independence and self-made leaders. In reality, not one of us gets anywhere by ourselves. We have had the help, guidance and support of others. We stand on the shoulders of those who have lived and made great achievements before we were born and while we were growing up.

Now consider what support you offer for those who follow you now and in the unseen future. Others model themselves after you, imitate you and aspire to be where you are. This is not a legacy gift, but the impact of your life when you are least aware.

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