Starting Again

I quit all things related to writing for quite a while. At first, I tried to keep up, but the journey of grieving is never exactly what you anticipate and I quit blogging. My husband committed suicide in June of 2014 and I was investigated for any involvement with his death. I know from TV shows that they always investigate the spouse, but I was unprepared to hear my Miranda Rights. My journey through grieving was compounded by some of my experiences in Africa with secret police, censorship and being deported. (Most of this is described in my fictionalized memoir, Unspoken Farewell.) It took local authorities a year to tell my attorney that no report had ever been filed against me. It was a long year.

People react strangely to suicide. My husband was quite ill, in constant pain and may not have lived much longer. I was unprepared to be abandoned by my family. One family member told the others that I did not want to be contacted and that was the last thing I imagined would happen. My friends here in Taos and my in-laws were wonderful, but it was a long year.

There were a lot of unexpected things to deal with related to my husband's estate. The most astonishing thing was how difficult local financial institutions were as I tried to reorganize in ways that I knew he would have wanted. That whole process took more than another year to complete.

With the release of Daphne and Thekla in 2016, I managed to complete some book-related tasks, but soon felt pulled under. I quit writing and paying attention to my Blog.

My journey continues and I'm back to working on various projects. I hope to keep up with you in 2018.

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