The Rest of the Story

This was the view from my home outside of Taos, NM several weeks ago and very similar to the conditions Friday morning when I found 3 inches of snow outside. Quite an April Fool's prank by Mother Nature when the bulbs are in bloom. This view is so atypical for our sunny, dry area that it could easily give the wrong impression because we usually have brilliant blue skies. Prior to the availability of IPhone and Android cameras, we often saw only part of the story, or only one version of it. Now for any emerging event, there are several views and perspectives available to officials and the public.

The saying is that the victors write history. I would add that the powerful write history. I have become increasingly curious about the story that was not told, the alternative version or the perspective of the less powerful. I try to imagine what else might have happened in a given situation.

Legends, fables, fairy tales and stories are laden with truths and falsehoods. What are they trying to teach us? What if there's another version that is equally as valid? These questions prompt me to research and write. My next book looks into a very short story in the Bible's Old Testament from the Book of Judges in chapter eleven.

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