When I worked in Zimbabwe, it was called Rhodesia. I was the sister-tutor (nursing adminitrator and instructor) of the nursing school at Nyadiri Mission. I got to know a young woman in the teacher training college also at Nyadiri. Mavis had a brither and was being raised by her mother and grandparents. As I got to know about her, I found out that she did not have enough money to pay her school fees (tuition). Although I remember knowing Mavis, I did not recall that I paid her school fees until she metioned it recently. I left Zimbabwe in the autumn of 1974 to attend my brother's wedding and while I was out of th ecountry the internal war against the Ian Smith regime intensified in the area of Nyadiri Mission. I was not authorized to return to Africa.

Last week, Mavis's daughter found me through the internet and connected me to Mavis. I am in almost daily contact with them and have learned a lot about Mavis's life since I left Africa.

Mavis finished her teacher training and married. She taught school in the town of Mtoko. She and her husband had six children and adopted two orphans. She is now a widow with grown children in the UK and Canada with the youngest still at home in Harare with her.

Her childhood without a father gave her kee insight to the situation of orphans in Zimbabwe. Out of this awareness, Mavis decided to do all that she could for children she came to know who had either a single parent or no parents. She established the Greenlight Youth Soccer Academy (GYSA) for 30 children.

At this time she is very limited in what she can do for them due to her own physical limitations. At one point, abdominal tuberculosis hospitalized her for treatment. She is no longer able to drive as a consequence of a stroke. Other health issues interfere with how much she can do for the children, but she works on doing all she can for them. Her adult children in the UK and Canada send her money to continue this work.

If you have used PayPal to purchase books from this website, you too are helping Mavis because all of the funds from my books are going to GYSA. We are very grateful. Thank you.

This is a photo of a traditional village not far from Nyadiri Mission in Zimbabwe.

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