How do you grow your innermost self?

The journey to write about Thekla has led me in many differents directions. Now that the book is in my hands, I think about everyone who made it possible and there are many. A few years ago, I gave up writing because issues of recovering from surgeries and caring for my very ill husband made any creative thinking impossible. I thought that my writing days had come to an end. Eighteen months ago, my husband died and the transition to widowhood has been challenging on many levels.

Somewhere in the whole recovery process, I realized that I needed to write again. Thekla's story is the outcome. With the publication of her story, I have discovered that there is another one waiting to be written.

For me, the process of writing is also a process of growth and renewal. The background reading and research leads me to reexamine my assumptions and my new insights are encorporated in my writing. I have always enjoyed a challenge and telling a story to others is a delightful one.

My hope is that through my writing, you might discover new perspectives and insights too.

( My husband took this photo when we drove along Big Sur a couple years ago.)

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