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Twenty-six years after leaving Africa, I finally began to write creatively. While it's true that my career in international health kept me very busy, I realize now that fear kept me from telling my story completely. There are some life experiences that are so startling, so threatening, that it takes a long time to be able to reveal what happened. My experiences living in police states raised internal invisible barriers that limited the way I spoke about my years in Africa and the people I knew. These fears caused me to write UNSPOKEN FAREWELL as a fictionalized memoir. As I wrote, there were times that tears streamed over my face. Many cherished memories were distressing to remembeer and made it challenging to find the way to tell my story without harming the others that I knew then.

I underestimated the impact of those years in Africa on how I lived my life. Events at the time of my husband's death forced me to recognize these issues and move forward unfettered.

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