How I got started


As a child, writing and story telling fascinated me, but did not appear to be a direction for me as my life unfolded. Education was prized in our family, but coming from a family of teachers I rebelled and went into nursing. Of course, I ended up deeply involved in teaching nursing in the U.S. and abroad. My career focused on international needs for undergraduate curricula and continuing education opportunities for nurses and midwives, occasionally physicians, too. This path took me to many countries and introduced me to a variety of technical writing challenges. 


In 2000, my husband and I retired in Taos, New Mexico which opened the possibility of pursuing creative writing. My first books revolved around experiences in Mozambique, Africa. Malarial Fevers , a fictionalized biography, is based on the diaries and letters of my third cousin's grandparents who, in the late 1880s, worked in a region rather close to where I was sent in 1970. Unspoken Farewell is a fictionalized memoir of my life in Africa. Unpredictable Crossing is fiction derived from a well documented massacre during the Mozambican war for independence. These books introduce you to my first experiences abroad.


Now my focus has shifted to the untold stories of women in a Bible times. I am drawn to explore the heroic dimensions of their lives. Join me in this journey and discover that the issues we think are from this modern era, also affected women then. 

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Women of Ancient times and the biblical world